Craig Reucassel

Challenging ideas about managing waste and flagging the importance that the production sector doesn’t and shouldn’t bear all the responsibility in areas like sustainability and food waste. However, the reality is that we are likely to face more regulations, as we move beyond voluntary action on climate issues.

Dr Alexandra Bratanova

CSIRO’s keynote address highlighted key megatrends, including climate change, geopolitical shifts, global digitisation, and their impacts on health. Emphasis was placed on adopting leaner, cleaner, and greener practices for a sustainable future amid accelerating currents in our dynamic world.

Genevieve Jacobs

Our MC’s closing remarks “People believe in the Australian brand. They trust our quality, consistency, and high standards. Facing the challenges ahead requires collaboration and utilising the tools at hand—your brains, skills, and resilience. Together, we can meet national and global challenges head-on.”